seals THE moment.



Congrats to Priscilla & Eric (:

Thank you for letting us “Seal the moment.”

‘Love Never Fails’


What rainy days does to me.

Fish the cat<3


Meet Fish.A new addition to the family.!:)

Baby Waffle!:)

Aunt yoyo gave birth to a healthy cute baby boy!:D




HELOOOO!!*wipes away spider webs and dusts*

OMGGGG I have been away from here for quite a while, eh?

Soooooooo I have decided to update this particular photo blog for my photo updates; why?

Because people magically appear here and leave me comments! So I might as well update, no?;)

So HOPEFULLY I will update as often as I can, I miss uploading just photos.(:

Stay tuned, you might like what you’re about to see!:D


Fynna Erfinna.

Michelle Van Der Woodsen.<3